Jayme & Preston: Details: Fantastic Salt Lake Wedding

Hey All! 

I'm back to blogging once again! And I am SO excited to share this wedding with you! You'll remember Jayme and Preston's INCREDIBLE bridal shoot from my last blog post. I had to split their bridals and wedding day into 2 blogs because their wedding day was just as amazing! I'm pretty terrible at narrowing photos down. It would be like picking a favorite child! But seriously, this wedding/reception rocked.

Details details everywhere!

Even the nieces and nephews were all dolled up and matching! Check out how cute they are... 

The bow ties, socks, and suspenders were my favorite! These cute boys cracked me up the entire day.

The official bridal party portraits were probably some of my favorites I've EVER done! Check out our location! Jayme's bridesmaids looked SO stunning! I'm all about the sequins and lace!

I could not stop taking photos of the nieces and nephews... I probably could have dedicated an entire blog to them, not kidding.


Can you tell we had a little fun? :)

Now, onto one of my favorite parts of any wedding... the details! Jayme's original wedding concept was based off of the painting "Starry Night" and it evolved into the fantastic color concept you see below! 

The Candy Table was a huge hit with everyone.

OBSESSED with the cake, especially the cake toppers! 

How perfect are these?! Jayme hand painted them!

The simple but elegant centerpieces! They also had a little pamphlet to tell the guests a little more about the couple and their story which made it so personal.

And the perfect chair from our bridal session was used again as the "gift table!"

Ring shots are a personal favorite of mine.

As usual, the dancing always makes my heart happy

This sweet photo of Jayme dancing with her grandpa was one of my favorites from the evening! 

This reception had a few surprises that I had never seen before, including choreographed dances from the bride and her dad, and the girls!

And the groom put together a musical number for the bride that was awesome! He sang "Be my Baby Tonight" and I am SO glad there were video cameras there! This is one of those moments where the pictures don't quite do it justice. 

This was one of the most unique details from the wedding and I LOVED it! Jayme loves pressed pennies, so they had some custom pressed pennies made as favors for the wedding! How cute is that?

I LOVED the paper backdrop for the "photo booth" and check out the hashtag that they made for instagram photos! I would recommend that to anyone planning a wedding! It was so fun to be able to instagram photos and see the wedding through the guests' eyes! 

And the perfect end to a perfect reception with a sparkler send off! 

 If you couldn't tell, I loved everything about this couple and their wedding! You could tell that SO much time and thought went into their reception details and everything came together perfectly! There were so many things that they did that I'd never seen before! Thank you thank you thank you Jayme and Preston for letting me be part of your gorgeous wedding! 

I'm still in the process of getting all caught up on the TONS of weddings I have to blog so keep checking back for more! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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  1. B says:

    Jayme/Grandpa picture made me cry. Perfect moment captured! Amazing job Bethany!

  2. Nina Moore says:

    Where was this reception?! It's gorgeous!

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