Melissa & Jeremy: A Louisiana Fairytale

Words cannot describe how excited I was about these bridals. 

Not only did I have an amazing couple to work with, we got to explore a small town in western Louisiana to find some southern charm. 

While we were cruising around, Melissa and I both saw this amazing tree off the side of the road and knew we had to use it. It was in someone's front yard and unfortunately they weren't home... 

Yes, we snuck into their yard

Yes we were terrified some crazy cajun was going to come out and shoot us

Yes it was worth it

I LOVED their sunglasses. It's all about the details ladies 

And it wouldn't be a southern wedding without a plantation with a wrap-around porch. I'm in love

HUGE thanks to Melissa and Jeremy for being willing to go on a photo safari the day of your wedding! 

You guys are rockstars 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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